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Aug 3, 2018

Hülya Gunay Muzammal is an Executive Coach specialising in Career Development. Her clients include Senior Managers and Executives in high demanding careers, such as Finance & Banking, Law, Media and Entrepreneurs.

Hülya is the founder of The Zen Professional Ltd. which aims to empower professionals to achieve their full potential in their careers, and have a fulfilled life. She is passionate about improving diversity in male dominated sectors by supporting women in the workplace.
She is an ICF (international Coaching Federation) accredited Life Coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner.

Hülya has a background in investment banking, wealth management over 15 years in senior management roles working internationally in major financial institutions such as UBS and Commerzbank.
Hülya holds a BSc. in Mathematics from Bosphorus University, graduating with honours, she also gained a Masters degree in Educational Sciences from Yildiz Technical University.

She is currently volunteering as a mentor for various organisations such as “TurkishWIN” and “Women in Banking and Finance” in London.

In this conversation, we talk about how Hülya learnt English and how learning the right mindset helped her overcome challenges associated with not speaking the language perfectly.

Hülya also shares how working in finance and travelling across Europe helped her to get to know different business cultures and how she learnt to be open and understanding about different ways of conducting everyday business.

She also reflects upon her native language Turkish and how living abroad has affected it.

At the end of our conversation, we talk about English words and phrases that provided a bit of challenge to us both as we learnt the actual meaning and the right pronunciation of them.

Feel free to reach out to Hülya on her website
Her email address is

About the host, Gabriella Ferenczi:

Gabriella Ferenczi is a German and Hungarian language coach, founder of ProLingua Global, a London-based language training company.
She is a linguist and language enthusiast. Her mission with ProLingua Global is to help Uk businesses to operate more effectively in a global, multicultural and multilingual world, take advantage of more opportunities and strengthen international trade relationships.  
Gabriella believes that learning a new language promotes understanding between people, businesses, countries and cultures. It bridges gaps and enables to build meaningful connections.