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Oct 21, 2018

Laszlo Badenszki is branch manager of Royal Brinkman Hungary, a global company with headquarters in Holland. They are one of the largest international horticultural suppliers in the world: they do products, systems and services in the field of crop rotation, crop care, crop protection & disinfection.

Laszlo explains how English was an integral part of his professional success and career as he feels it bought along opportunities, friendships, new lands, countries and memories he would never have encountered.

He talks about English being used as a common language all across Royal Brinkman in Eastern Europe and elsewhere in the world and how he communicates with colleagues, partners and clients in different countries.

He then recalls working for Syngenta, a leading agriculture company, where English was again an integral part of his job.

One of the projects he was working on was creating a large seeds data base that would support the business for years to come. International companies from all over the world were involved in this massive project, Brits, French, Indians and Hungarians among them just to name a few. Laszlo talks about the challenging aspects of working with these cultures.

He talks about what he feels was the key to overcome the language and cultural barrier, even in difficult situations like telephone conferences where not even facial expressions  can give you a clue as to what’s being said.

He also mentions how social programmes organised by the company helped to bring huge international teams on the same page and how it helped them understand each other better, not only in terms of language but also when it comes to understanding different ways of thinking and destroying  potential prejudices that may have prevented progress.

Laszlo walks us through how he learnt English initially at school and then how he built upon that by himself, learning on the job. 

At the end of the conversation, Laszlo shares some very practical tips on how he maintains the level he achieved and how he continues to develop his English - with time-saving tips and methods that can work even for the busiest people.

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About the host, Gabriella Ferenczi:

Gabriella Ferenczi is a German and Hungarian language coach, founder of ProLingua Global, a London-based language training company.

Gabriella is a linguist and language enthusiast. Her mission with ProLingua Global is to help Uk businesses to operate more effectively in a global, multicultural and multilingual world, take advantage of more opportunities and strengthen international trade relationships.  

Gabriella believes that learning a new language promotes understanding between people, businesses, countries and cultures. It bridges gaps and enables to build meaningful connections.